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About and contact

The PNGi Forest portal gives unique access to data about large-scale forest management in Papua New Guinea since 1993.

The portal combines basic details about individual logging concessions with information on log export volumes, logging company ownerships and the findings from official governance investigations and reports.

The search and visualisation tools allow data to be sorted and viewed according to various different parameters including Province name, concession name, permit type, and logging company.

The data has been derived from a variety of sources including publications from the PNG Forest Authority, the Log Export Monitoring Reports compiled by SGS PNG Limited (a company owned by SGS Australia, a division of the global Société Générale de Surveillance based in Switzerland), published and unpublished research findings including from the Australian National University, the company records held by the PNG Registrar of Companies and other reports as acknowledged in the document database.

The Portal has been created to increase transparency about large-scale forest management in Papua New Guinea.

The aim is to assist customary land owners, bureaucrats, policy makers, students and academics, other researchers, business people and politicians to investigate and understand the past and make wise decisions for the future.

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