Logging Operations

Province Concession Area (Ha) Licence Type Licence Number Year(s) Acquired Period (years) Contractor/Exporter Parent Company Log Exports
Central Vanapa North 79,535 TRP 03-32 1982 40 ARROW PACIFIC TIMBER (PNG) LTD. No parent


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Related Logging Companies

0 companies involved in logging contracts with ARROW PACIFIC TIMBER (PNG) LTD.

Company to Company Connections

1 companies listed by the Investment Promotion Authority as having held shares in, or had shares held by, ARROW PACIFIC TIMBER (PNG) LTD.

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People Involved

14 people listed by the Investment Promotion Authority as a past or present director, shareholder or secretary of ARROW PACIFIC TIMBER (PNG) LTD.

Person Investigative Reports Role Start End
Jack NAMALIU 1 Secretary 1989
Cheung Chi WAI 0 Director 1989 1994
Gerard Stephen KASSMAN 0 Director 1987 1989
Hong Gak CHUA 0 Shareholder 1994
Iu Siu WU 0 Director 1989 1994
Jack Open NAMALIU 0 Director 1989 1994
Justin Kon Hock ONG 0 Shareholder 1994
Kingsley Allen DAVID 0 Director 1987 1989
Kingsley Allen DAVID 0 Secretary 1987 1989
Kon Hock ONG 0 Director 1989
Lang Shang LI 0 Director 1989
Loh Chin SOOI 0 Secretary 1987
Ng Fook KHAU 0 Director 1989 1994
Tony TEO 0 Secretary 1994
Wong Yeon (dato) CHAI 0 Director 1994
Wong Yeon (dato) CHAI 0 Shareholder 1994

Associated Addresses

1 addresses listed by the Investment Promotion Authority for ARROW PACIFIC TIMBER (PNG) LTD.

Section 39, Allotment 8, Chester Street, Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea