Logging Operations

Province Concession Area (Ha) Licence Type Licence Number Year(s) Acquired Period (years) Contractor/Exporter Parent Company Log Exports
W. Sepik Sossi Timber Area n/a TA 10-115 n/a n/a SOSSI LIMITED No parent

Related Logging Companies

0 companies involved in logging contracts with SOSSI LIMITED

Company to Company Connections

0 companies listed by the Investment Promotion Authority as having held shares in, or had shares held by, SOSSI LIMITED

People Involved

3 people listed by the Investment Promotion Authority as a past or present director, shareholder or secretary of SOSSI LIMITED

Person Investigative Reports Role Start End
Camillus MONEI 0 Director 2017
Camillus MONEI 0 Shareholder 2017
Joe MONEI 0 Director 2017
Joe MONEI 0 Shareholder 2017
Thomas IPUN 0 Director 2017
Thomas IPUN 0 Shareholder 2017

Associated Addresses

1 addresses listed by the Investment Promotion Authority for SOSSI LIMITED

Sandaun Provincial Administration Building, Ground Floor, Commerce & Industry Office Room # 3, Section 03, Allotment 04, Vanimo, Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea